A mailbox upgrade and patiently waiting to finish a living room

I’m trying to be a patient adult today, readers.  Delayed gratification is the sign of maturity, right?  Well, I want my couch, and I want it now.

We bought a sectional couch impulsively last week.  By impulsively, I mean we saw the couch in our pre-shopping days months ago and really liked it, and then we went back and bought it now instead of in November.  The original plan we had for spacing out our home purchases went like this:

-laminate flooring in basement
-finish painting the house

-mantle for living room

-sectional couch for rec room

We jumped the line a bit with this one, but when I stopped into the store after work on a whim one day, I chatted with the girl at the desk and found out they had a returned couch in perfect condition, and it was sitting in the warehouse for 10% off.  I restrained myself and didn’t immediately jump at it right there, and I went home and mentioned it to Dan.  The next morning, I told him just to go and get it since waiting until November meant we would be paying full price.  Done!

We purchased the couch on Thursday, and it will be arriving later today.  We bought our couch from Structube in Kitchener, and this little beauty will be joining our family soon:

CooperHis name is Cooper, and he’s a lovely shade of green, which goes nicely with our whole-house palette.  The couch is in three sections that you can move around to make different configurations.  I was mildly concerned about it constantly slipping apart, but the girl I spoke with at the store said you can attached adhesive velcro to each section to hold them in place if you never move them around.  Brilliant.  We’re also getting an area rug for the rec room eventually so it won’t be sliding around on the laminate for very long.

Right after visiting the store, I mapped out where the couch will go in the living room:

Green painters tape, hooray! Couch linesI also sat down on the floor and pretended to watch TV from the “couch”.  This was an important exercise for helping us determine the size of TV we’ll want for the basement.  The in-between step for TV upgrades is to move our one and only existing TV from the living room upstairs to the basement.  The upstairs living room will become a touch more formal (with the mantle coming in October to fill the empty wall space left by the lack of TV).  We think we want a GIANT TV for the basement, but we’ll see how we feel after testing the waters with our lowly 42″ screen for the next few months.

We can also finally put our DVDs away once we know where everything is going in the room.  Dan’s vast collection has been sitting in boxes since we moved, not being appreciated or admired.

DVDs got no place to goAnd the DVD towers are cramping my style in the laundry room:

nomad DVD towersSoon readers, soon.  The couch should be here in the late afternoon, and then Dan and I will run around moving the TV downstairs, filling the DVD towers, and putting up Star Wars posters.  Check back for an update later this week.

In more news, we’re upgraded our mailbox.  Dan’s mom and step dad bought us a fancy new mailbox for his birthday/our housewarming, and Dan installed it yesterday while I was at work.  For a refresher, here’s our boring old plain jane mailbox:

Mailbox = boringNothing special, just a boring black Home Depot special mailbox.  And now, the after!

New mailbox!It’s pretty and red and it has a clear glass panel on the front with four inserts you can change with the seasons.  Happy fall, y’all!

Slim and trim profileI also enjoy its slim profile and the flappy sticking out piece for the newspaper (which we don’t read).

This baby's never coming off the wallDan used the lag bolts we had for installing the fence (the ones we weren’t able to use since they kept breaking off in the concrete), so this puppy isn’t going anywhere.  The mailbox is actually super heavy, so it’s good that it is very securely attached to the house.

And with that, you can join us in patiently waiting for our couch to arrive.


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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