A second living space

Happy Sunday, readers!  It’s been a good week of house activity over at Casa Joey and Janice, and I’m sure you’re itching to see the changes in the basement.  Our new couch arrived on Monday and we were quick to move it into place and start using the second living room.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses on Monday though.  We were expecting our couch around 11:00 originally, but got a call telling us they wouldn’t be able to come until 3 or 4.  Ok, no problem, we’re patient people, we can deal with a delay.  Then at about 2:00, they called again and said the delivery truck broke down and they wouldn’t be able to bring it until Wednesday at the earliest.  *Looney Tunes whistle falling noise that ends with a boom as something hits the ground * <– my hopes and dreams.

We were sad sacks for a few minutes, and then thought about going to pick it up ourselves.  This had been suggested to us originally, because the furniture place doesn’t have their own in-house delivery system and it would save them the hassle of coordinating something, but we were committed to our “we’re big kid grown-ups now and we paid for new couch, we’re going to have it delivered, dontcha know!” attitude.  We also didn’t fancy making three trips to bring it home, since the couch is in three large pieces.  BUT, this idea was sounding very attractive to your two couch-saddened heroes.  I made a call to my dad and begged for the use of his van (which has no back seats in it).  Dan had a funny work day that afternoon where he had to work in the morning and then again somewhere else in the afternoon, so I was left to make it happen between me and Poppa.  My dad was eager to jump in and help, so he rushed over to pick me up and we were charging to the furniture store to pick up the couch.

It only took two trips to get it home, since the pieces aren’t all the same size and the slightly smaller one tucked in the side of the van nicely beside the large corner piece.  Each piece wasn’t even that heavy, and it was easy to slide them down the stairs to the basement.  Dan arrived home just in time for the last piece to be unloaded, and we didn’t waste any time setting it up.

Dan, greeting me at the bottom of the stairs:

Dan is playing peekabooWrapped up like Christmas presents!
The pieces were each wrapped really well, with two layers of bubble wrap and a thick plastic layer covering everything.  Our first piece took a bit of wrestling to get it free from the plastic.

First piece
Oscar, concerned with new smellsBoys be relaxin'
It took Oscar a few minutes to realize this was now an appropriate place to lie down.  He had been avoiding the basement since the day we moved in, even when we were both down there working on the room, so it was nice to see him settle (or at least pretend to settle).

As soon as the couch was in place, we rushed around to bring all the little touches together and make the room complete.

I had my knitting basket downstairs in 2.3 seconds.  This is where it belongs now.

Knitting basket it top priority

Dan got to work on attached the DVD towers to the wall so his glorious collection can be on display again.

The DVD towers return!!
I went out for a few hours that night and when I came home, Dan had finished putting up the Star Wars posters, and our little living room was complete-ish.  We’re still planning to get a real coffee table (notice the Lack side table from the upstairs living room is taking a basement vacation and standing in for a coffee table right now), add an area rug, get a bigger and more awesome TV, get a trunk/chest for storing blankets, add another chair, and of course, expand the DVD collection.

Star Wars posters in place

Homer has a home now
Want to see something sad?

It’s our upstairs living room!

Empty.  Sad.There’s nothing left up here.  We moved the chair to the other wall to give the couch something to stare at, but it’s still a big, sad, empty room.  The plan for this room still includes getting a mantle, adding two more chairs, and getting an upholstered bench for in front of the window.  This will be our more formal entertaining room, so we can finally host things like Christmas and Thanksgiving and be big kids.  We also need some art on the walls, but I don’t want to rush into that and put things up for the sake of having things on the wall. I’m trolling around on pinterest and etsy on a daily basis hunting for inspiration, so it won’t be long before this room looks presentable again.


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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