Bathroom reno, week 3

It’s just keeps going, readers. Every new thing that gets started seems like such a huge step towards the finish line, but then it gets dragged out and the light at the end of the tunnel gets farther away.

On a positive note, we’ve made real progress this week in getting the bathroom looking like a room again. And in theory, from the sounds of it, all the things that are left to be done should be faster than all the things we’ve already done.

Freshen your cup of coffee, put your feet up, and let’s recap our week.

When you last checked in with your heroes, we had shifted a wall over 4″ to make room for the tub, the wall was (more or less) back in place, and we were waiting to drop a tub in the correct place in the bathroom.

Simon spent all day on Sunday last weekend at our place, getting the wall and plumbing back to a place where he could put the tub in. In the early evening, he requested Dan’s help to move the tub into place. A short while later, the plumbing was reconnected and we were back where we were three days before, when we made the choice to do the right thing and move the wall.

Progress during the work week was light, as Simon has a regular day job. It’s the slow time of year for his day job, so he’s able to sneak away and come work on the bathroom after checking in most mornings. He also is taking care of my grandparents, so his work day with us usually ends around 3pm so he can drive back to Brantford to make them dinner. My bathroom really is getting done in dribs and drabs. If you’re comparing the pace of work to the last reno you did and you’re wondering why we can’t get the lead out, that’s why.

After the tub was in place and connected, Simon went to work finishing the drywall in the rest of the room, and prepping the wall around the tub for tiling. The progress I saw this week was mostly coming in to see one more coat of drywall mud on the walls each day after work.

And then, readers, there was one magical day last week, I feel like it was Tuesday, when I came home to find this:

I’m not sure what the construction reason is for getting rid of the counter top so soon in the process, as I really wasn’t expecting this to be removed until the new top would go into place at the end of the project. I like the change, though! The old counter top and the ugly ’80s faucet are sitting in my driveway, for all my neighbours to see.


Simon is also using it as an ashtray for his cigarette breaks. It’s a fitting end for the counter top.

On Friday night, after patiently waiting all week for endless layers of drywall mud to dry, I was given the green light to get in the bathroom and paint. I had to wait another day to paint the wall under the window since there was one extra layer of mud required to even that out.

I did a quick primer coat before dinner:

And while I had primer on my brush and roller, I also did a coat on the basement bathroom door, in preparation for the glossy white coat it will get….eventually. When I feel like it.

And the colour is back!

Last night I was able to do that wall under the window, so everything that needs to be painted is done:

Can we just take a minute and marvel at how much BETTER this looks than the old half wall tile:

Even with no counter, no toilet, and drop cloths covering everything, I prefer the picture on the right. I also hope this will serve as a warning to anyone thinking of putting up tile around half of your bathroom. It is a royal pain to get rid of it later (I smacked my fingers so many times while chipping that tile off the wall…), and re-drywalling anything takes so many coats of mud and paint and patience to get back to normal.

Also, big step mentally this week. Simon was playing around with the floor tile one day and left them laid out on the floor. On Friday when I got the OK to paint, I came home to find this:


*difficulty breathing* IT’S HAPPENING! I can visualize the end result. It’s going to be beautiful!

We also had an exciting new phase in the reno on Saturday, when Simon started tiling the shower surround!



The tile is mostly done up to the top of the niche shelf, on two of three walls. The exterior wall, the one beside the window, needed some extra love to prep it for tile. This wall should be the next thing on the to-do list.


In more tiling news, this week I bought two sheets of Bianco Carrara marble hexagon tile mosaic at Lowe’s, it cost me $31.72. This will be the accent in the back of shower niche:

I thought about buying more of it for an accent strip at the top of the shower, or even as the ceiling tile, but it’s just too pricey. It looks lovely, and I think an accent tile on the ceiling would be a great look, but not at $15 per square foot.

Also, I’ve made a choice about the ceiling. While Simon may hate me for it, I would like it tiled in the same subway tile pattern as the rest of the shower. A little Pinterest time last night convinced me that this is the way to go, because it will look like this:

Yup. Beautiful. Clean. Simple. Done deal. We also have oodles of the plain white subway tiles, so I don’t need to go out and buy anything else. If you look at that picture from Pinterest, I see nothing wrong with an entire shower of subway tile. I don’t feel overwhelmed by the expanse of white, and I think it looks classic and timeless.

Here’s to another week of traipsing up and down the stairs to the powder room to get ready in the morning and washing my hair in the kitchen sink. It can’t go on forever. It can’t go on forever. It can’t go on forever…


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