Office closet organization, dining room closet update, and a new coffee table

We’ve had a fairly productive weekend, readers.  Our closet organization projects have been in the works since we went Ikea shopping in January, and as of this morning, they are both DONE.  Like dinner.  Stick a fork in it.

Let’s begin with the final update to the dining room closet.  When you last saw it, the shelves were up, but I was undecided about the paint colour for the shelves and the dresser.  Well, indecisiveness be gone!  I made a choice, and I painted them both a few weekends ago.  With my wonky every-other-weekend-off schedule, I find it easiest and most manageable to attack my DIY projects when I have the whole weekend to putter away at them.  I could very well do them a little bit each night after work, but I choose not to.  I wasn’t in a real hurry to get the closets finished, but I was getting tired of the piles of closet stuff that were left homeless while I took my time puttering.

The colour I chose for the shelves and dresser was one shade lighter than the light grey we used in a few other places in our house.  Fossil Grey by CIL is on the walls in our bedroom, basement rec room, and bathroom, so I chose Stratosphere to lighten up the closet.

The dresser got shifted out into the living room temporary while I painted and listened to This American Life.

Dresser gets a new paint jobThe before:

Organization, ahhhhhh!
And voila!

Stratosphere in action Dining room closet organizationFor all my fussing and overthinking about the colour, it still comes across as light grey or even just off-white.  Oh well.  I like it.

I primed the dresser and the shelves first since they were both raw wood, and then each got two coats of paint (SICO furniture paint with a melamine finish).  The shelves took twice as long because I had to let one side completely dry before I could turn it over and paint the back.  I finished them last week and had them sitting in the closet and everything, but it took until yesterday to screw them onto the brackets so I could actually put something with weight on the shelf.

And now on to bigger fish – the office closet.  I started this at the same time as the painting that was happening in the dining room closet.  The priming and hole-filling began, with my efforts focused on covering up this monstrosity:

Puuuuurrrrrr. Meow.Common decency alert, parents.  If you let your kids paint cats on the back wall of a closet, please paint over it before you move out.  K, thanks.

The first coat of primer didn’t do much:

First coat and still catsIt took two good coats of primer before I started with the colour, which, like the dining room, was going to be the same colour as the walls in the rest of the room.

Two coats of primerThat one shelf in the closet was taken out, to be returned later.  Our plan was to have three simple shelves evenly spaced in the closet, making use of the one that was already there.  I removed the bar and got rid of it, and the shelf was just sitting on the wooden supports attached to the wall.

I began my most favourite of tasks, cutting in with paint in all the corners and edges:

Cutting inPainting around the duct work was a pain.  Common decency alert, construction workers.  Box that stuff in with drywall.  No one wants to see it, and no one likes working around it.

I powered through the first coat while I was waiting for the dining room closet coats to dry.

First coat is always patchyIt definitely need a second coat, but my painting energy was almost gone for that weekend, so it sat patiently waiting until I felt like picking up a brush again.

Second coat done, and we’re moving on to phase two.

Two coats and we're off! We went on a mini Rona trip and bought wood for the shelves.  When Dan was cutting down the dining room closet shelf boards to size, he was also cutting notches out of the shelf boards for the office closet, to accommodate the duct work in the corner.  He also cut a few sticks to the correct sizes for us to screw them to the walls to support the rest of the shelves.  After the painting was done, I marked and measured where the supports would go:

Marking for bracketsI used one long piece along the back wall, and marked where the one and only stud was located.  The side walls had no studs, so I just marked the height for each shelf to match the back wall.

My next step was painting all the supports and shelves, so I worked away at that over the last week or so.  These had the same treatment as the dining room shelves – primer, then two coats of paint, with the annoying extra wait time between flipping boards over to paint the back.  The colour I chose for the shelves is Picton by CIL, a nice muted violet colour.  I didn’t want anything too obnoxious or bright, and I took my colour combination inspiration from a desk organizer I have for my side of the office.  Also from my bright purple desk.

Purple supports in placeWe screwed the supports into the wall yesterday, and I carried the mostly-dry shelves up to sit them in place (I was too excited to wait until they were completely dry).

While we were playing with the drill, we also put up our fabric panel sliding “doors” for the closet, to finally replace the terrible bifold doors that we removed the first week we moved in.  We bought all the pieces for them during our Ikea trip in January, including the perfectly -sized-just-cut-it-to-the-length-you-need-it curtain panels.

Picton shelvesWe chose two panels so they could overlap and completely cover the opening.  The tracks for the panels are sold in single or triple tracks, so we chose the triple track and only used two of them for our needs.

Fabric panel doorsDoor closed, where's the closet??And then this morning, we finally put the pile of office supplies, games, and crafty stuff on the shelves where it belongs.  Organization, at long last!

Reorganized stuff
Back to normal.  Ah.And then there’s one more bonus update, just because I like you.  We bought a new coffee table and it arrived this week.  Eeeeeee!

We received an Amazon gift card for our wedding, and we were waiting until we had something really good to buy with it, rather than just buying a bunch of random crap.  The inspiration struck in January to buy a coffee table for the basement, but we were disappointed when our preferred table of choice was back ordered for 6-8 weeks and they wouldn’t ship it.  I waited for those 6-8 weeks to try ordering it again, and found that the seller no longer existed on Amazon.  Shoot.  We went back to the drawing board to pick a new table, and she’s a beaut!

The most ridiculously packaged parcel arrived at our door on Tuesday, and Dan wrestled with it and ripped it apart to get at the table.  The remaining cardboard bits had to be taped together to make it fit to put out for recycling day.

Dan: 1, Box: 0And here she is, looking lovely in the basement:

Work it. Show us your angles. The camera loves you!The wheels are my favourite part.  It rolls so nicely over the carpet.  Oh, and that too.  We bought an area rug for the basement during that January Ikea trip.  It really cozies up the space.  We’ve already spilled stuff on it twice.

Next up from your favourite home owners, Simon finally starts work on the basement bathroom.


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One Response to Office closet organization, dining room closet update, and a new coffee table

  1. Emily says:

    Love the coffee table! The panel doors on the closet look great too! You are creating a lovely home!

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