New fridge day

It’s in the title, my dear readers.  We bought a new fridge, and it’s chilling down our perishables as I type.

a woo hoo!I even made a sign in the kitchen to celebrate.

In our seemingly never ending quest to create a bathroom in the basement, we went to Lowe’s last weekend to take advantage of their DIY days sales, which happened to include 20% off all major appliances.  Our fridge has been on a slow and steady march to its death since we moved in.  The fridge part leaks (ever so slowly, but it still produces a small puddle at its feet), and lately the freezer has been feeling jealous and wanted in on the action, so it started leaking too.  This results in a frozen puddle at the bottom of the freezer.  Every once in a while we had to chip away at the ice sheet to be able to properly close the freezer door.  Not ideal.

When we went away for our honeymoon, we left the fridge unplugged so it could defrost any of its frozen ice blockages.  This seemed to do the trick for a few months, but it was back to its old habits in January.  We could have lived with it for a while longer, but when the Lowe’s sale came up, we thought it would be a terrible waste of such a good deal if we didn’t buy a fridge.

It was a pretty quick and painless process to decide on a fridge.  The opening in our kitchen for a fridge is perhaps the smallest size it could be that would still fit a fridge, so that ruled out any of the monstrous double door fridges that seem to be the norm.  Also, I have no interest in a French door fridge.  You lose sooooo much space on the door shelves.  I’m also not totally sold on the freezer on the bottom debate.  Mostly because it brings the price tag of the fridge up by $400 just for rearranging its compartments.  We chose a simple Frigidaire with freezer on the top, with smudge-resistant stainless steel, for $898.  Take off  20% and add the tax back on, and we got a new fridge for $800.  Bam!  I’ll take it!  We did need to have it delivered, and I wanted them to haul away our old piece of crap fridge, so we paid an extra $75 for that convenience.  Totally worth it.

We were expecting the fridge to come next weekend, but Lowe’s received their fridge order early and called to ask if it was OK if it came on Sunday.  Yes please!  The automated call service let us know they would be coming between 9 and 11 am on Sunday morning.  I was up at 8am to get dressed and walk an Oscar.  I was rounding the last corner on our walk, to come back to the house at 8:30, and I heard truck noises.  I had a minor panic and thought it couldn’t possibly be the truck already.  I had loads of time to get home and clear out my old fridge for the transfer.  Oh, how wrong you were, Victoria.  They were totes there at 8:30.

I booked it passed Dan who was moving my car out of the way in his PJs (they woke him up from a snoozy Sunday morning sleep-in).  I ran inside and locked away Oscar  so I could empty the fridge and make way for the new one.

The delivery gentlemen did a quick measure of the doorway and determined that both our front door and storm door would need to be removed to get it through.  No big.  So Dan went off to the basement to retrieve his tools (still in his PJs and bare feet, I might add).

No doors, heating the outdoorsWhile they were unscrewing hinges, I made short work of the things in the fridge.  We pulled up the industrial sized cooler bag from the basement last night (it holds 96 cans of pop!), so I loaded it up with the freezer items and the most perishable of our fridge items.  It didn’t even come close to holding everything from the fridge, so I just started stacking things on the counter.  Condiments and vegetables don’t really care about being kept cold constantly anyway.

Buh-bye loser fridge!
It was a quick and easy transition once they had the doors off.  The new one was brought in and slid almost into place, and the old fridge got taken away for good.

So shiny and new!

I got to peel all the protective plastic off
The kind delivery men helped Dan put the doors back on and they were off to their next delivery.  I got busy peeling off protective plastic and removed styrofoam chunks.

And of course, because my life, the door was swinging the wrong way.  I’ve changed the swing on a fridge once before (you may recall the robot fridge from our rental place), so I wasn’t too concerned about this.  The instructions told me that a “qualified professional” should do this work, and I said “nuts to you, fridge!” and got out my tool box.  I’m not inclined to pay a professional for anything that I can fumble my way through.  I replaced all the inside tank pieces of our upstairs toilet a few weeks ago (I’m ready for my penis now), and that would have cost a few hundred dollars to have a plumber do it.

It was simple enough, with the only hiccup being Frigidaire’s choice of screws and bolts.  Who attaches these things with a bolt that can only be removed with a socket wrench, which I don’t own?  The bolts were so tucked in their protective casing that it was impossible to reach them with anything other than a long skinny socket wrench.  Our tool collection includes two half sets of socket wrench bits, but not anything resembling a complete set.  I had a doodad that would would fit the bolt, but not the wrench part to turn it.  I Lady McGyvered one out of the pieces I had and an Allan key that I jammed into the other end of the wrench.  It did the trick, and I had no trouble moving around the plates and pieces to the other side.  The only part we couldn’t figure out was the centre hinge pin, which was supposed to come apart, but wouldn’t budge.  I made the executive decision to just flip it around and not bother fighting with it.  And you know what?  It worked just fine.

I attached the handles to my newly left-hinged fridge and plugged that puppy in!  By this time, all my fridge things had been out on the counter for almost 2 hours, so I gave the fridge a few minutes to start cooling and then jammed it all back in the new fridge.

The magnets were the final touch, and now it looks like it belongs in our kitchen.

New fridge!!!


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