Closet under the stairs and framing in for a powder room

Simon works quickly, readers, and in the short time since our last update, he has put up extra walls in our basement.  To be more specific, those green painters’ tape lines I put down to map out our powder room?  Refresh your memories real quick:

Future bathroomThey have become the beginnings of wall.

Framing in for a bathroomBathroom!It made so much more sense to me to frame in for the powder room walls while everything is open and exposed, rather than finishing the basement and having to go back and add them later.  The particle board mess at the back of what is now our powder room was ripped down, and Simon created a wall to go around the pipes that are in that little corner.

You might also notice that a certain horrendously ugly closet is no longer with us.  Remember this?

RIP closetHere it is on his last day alive earlier this week:

Basement closet final lookWe emptied it out, and right after I took this picture, Simon tore it down.  We played around with the idea of adding a closet back in this corner, built in as part of the new powder room wall, but once it was out of the way and we could walk around in the space with the new walls up, we much preferred having it more open.  I also like the option of adding a piece of furniture against the powder room wall down the line if we need to add storage.

For your knowledge, the old closet was made of leftover scrap materials, including particle board shelves, painted wood paneling, and the left wall of the closet was made of what I can only describe as fake rock stepping stone “paneling”.  It was not a sad day in our world to see this eyesore go.

Simon has also tidied up the under the stairs area, and we now have a nice place to store tools and the like.  Originally all of our tools and things were in the closet at the bottom of the stairs, and the closet under the stairs was filled (filled!) with old paint cans.  Here’s the pile of what came with the house when we moved in that was stored under the stairs (and is all garbage and will be going to the dump soon):

Old painty can NedAnd after Simon put a wall back up (which also conveniently makes the soon-to-be powder room a lot more private) and redid the shelves under the stairs, we have a handy storage space again:

Tool storageDon’t alarmed by the hanging electrical switch, readers.  We’re aware of it.  The string you see belongs to the light bulb in this closet, and the switch is actually for our sump pump, which lives in the space.  Both will be re-wired and moved into more appropriate places.  The sump pump switch is also going to be wired in such a way that any moisture in the area (like, you know, water from a flood, which is why there is a sump pump in the first place) would trip the breaker rather than causing sparks and big ol’ house fire.  Safety first!

All the paint cans we’re keeping are now safely tucked away in the other section of the under the stairs closet:

New paint can storage
The giant pile of insulation from the walls in the rec room is still haunting my laundry room, but it looks like it will stay there until the snow has all melted and we know the cracks have been fully sealed.

Insulation pileAll I want to do is jump on it, but I’m sure that’s a horrible idea.

In thinking ahead news, I started investigating pricing to replace five of our basement windows.  The first quote I’ve received is not shocking, readers, but’s it’s an unpleasant amount of money to think about spending all at once.  I’m sure I’ll write a whole post about windows when we have more to information to share.


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