Basement leak after mega-thaw

I’ve got sad news for our first post of 2014, readers.  Dan and I are getting up the courage to talk about it, and we’ve both had a horrible day.  Our basement flooded today.

Dan went downstairs this morning, before he’d even had breakfast, to grab a movie to take back to the library, and he spotted a puddle of water in the workout room.  There was also water pooling in the mechanical room, and when you walked across the rec room floor, there was a squelching water sound.  All bad things.

The water wasn’t coming from the walls in the workout room or the mechanical room, it was creeping across the floor from the rec room, where it could only be coming from the far wall.

I was at work when all of this happened, and I got in on the situation after Dan had already been playing clean-up for an hour.  I couldn’t leave work, so I did the next best thing and called every person I could to go over to the house and help.  Dan was trying to move all our furniture out of the room to assess the damage, and that’s darn-near impossible by yourself.  A short while after some tense words on the phone with Dan, with my poor little Dan struggling to solve it all by himself, Simon came to the rescue!  My dad also came to help with general puttering around and clean-up, and while I was stuck at work, I at least felt better that things were being handled.

Dan took some documentation pictures of the rec room and all the water pooling under the flooring, but they’re on his ipad, so you’ll have to make do with the “what I came home to” pictures after Simon, Dan, and my dad had played clean-up and move-around for hours.  Brace yourself.

Our workout room is currently keeping stock of our flooring.  It’s still up in the air whether we can save it, but we’re trying to air it all out.  My craft table is holding things up, and my craft shelves are propped up on some wood right now because the water is still coming in through the wall from the rec room.

Insulation, craft table, and craft shelves

Everything from my craft area is now in the laundry room, and I’m having flashbacks from when we first put the flooring down and had all of our basement stuff from the move stacked in there.  Le sigh.

Contents of the craft corner

You can see one of the cracks Simon uncovered in the third section from the right.  We had a crack repaired in the summer in the far left corner, after the very first day we got our keys and discovered a sopping wet carpet in the basement.  That crack was mighty big, and Simon patched it from the side and the outside of the foundation wall.  But there was more it seems…

Crackity crack crack

That’s my under flooring and some insulation in a pile on the floor.  The under layer is done, but that wasn’t the most expensive part of the flooring project, so I really hope the laminate can be used again (although at this point, I’m hesitant to put anything nice down there ever again)

Bye-bye floor

They moved the furniture upstairs, so our sectional couch is chilling in the dining room, and the DVD towers are lying on the floor.  The TV is upstairs again, which feels weird and different (although I appreciate that it’s warmer upstairs and now my little fingies won’t turn into fingie-cicles as I knit).

The TV is upstairs, it feels weirdWe’re both very sad about all of this.  Oscar is indifferent.

If this wasn’t such a sucky thing to be dealing with, I would want to use this situation to make a couch fort.  What a wasted opportunity.

Couch in the dining room.  Why not?And here comes the worst part.  This is what my basement looked like yesterday:

Homer has a home nowNew sewing machineDon’t think about.  Don’t think about it.  Don’t think about it.


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2 Responses to Basement leak after mega-thaw

  1. Emily says:

    Oh no! So sorry for your bad experience…… 5 years from now, you might be able to laugh about it…..but not now :o(

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