Christmas cards 2013

I think it’s safe to reveal what we mailed out to our friends and family for Christmas card season, readers.  I was holding off on revealing the cards until I could be sure everyone received theirs in the mail.  Renate, if you’re reading this, STOP RIGHT NOW.  Your card got picked up in the mail today and will hopefully get to you this week, and unless you want spoilers, don’t read any further!

Dan and I send cards every year, and I’m a big paper products dork, so I get extra giddy at filling in fresh blank cards for everyone I love.  This year, I ordered cards from Minted, where I got to choose from hundreds and hundreds of adorable card designs, and then customize them.  Or pay for lots of little extras to make your cards special and end up paying a boatload more than you meant to.  I didn’t do that last one, but I was tempted.

I bought the cards on Thanksgiving weekend, and saved myself a tidy 15% for being an early Christmas bird.  Minted regularly has sales on their cards, so I personally think you’d be a sucker to pay regular price.  And, if you don’t speedily click the “x” on the pop-up asking you to fill out a survey for them, they give you a discount code for your purchase when you give them feedback. 

I browsed for many minutes, and narrowed down our choices to three or four cards, and then left it with Dan to make the final choice.  That’s how we make all of our decisions when it’s about something that Dan really doesn’t care that much about, like anything to do with paint colours, fancy towels, bedding, or pillows.  I don’t think you’ll be surprised at all about the card design he chose.

You can chose picture cards or non-picture cards, and since we can never take a decent selfie of the two of us, we opted for no pictures.  The package arrived just a few days later, and while I had to pay duty at the door, the cost wasn’t all that bad.  Here’s what I was greeted with when I opened the box:

The revealEven the inside of the box is fancy!  Although, I might appreciate saving a few bucks more rather than having a printed inside of the box that my cards are shipped in.

We ordered 65 cards and envelopes, and minted charges extra for additional envelopes.  Most of the time, when you buy a box of Christmas cards, they come with a few extra envelopes for when you make mistakes.  As it turns out, Minted did include a few extra envelopes anyway.  I just didn’t know this until I was down to my last 5 cards, and meanwhile, I had accidentally sealed a few envelopes without including some other things, and had to carefully peel them open while holding the envelope flap over steam from the kettle.  Would have been nice to know in advance, Minted.

Yeti or not, it’s Christmastime!

ImageYou get the option to change the wording, font, and size of the text, but I opted to keep it mostly the same as the original.  I left the back of the card blank, and chose a postcard style rather than the more traditional card style.  Want to know why?  Because those “extras” would have cost me more money.  You can also choose to have a coloured back of the postcard (I left ours white), or add pictures or text to the back (nope, blank for us), or add a coloured envelope (white again), or add a fancy patterned paper envelope liner (nope) which no one would look at or appreciate, other than me as I’m licking and sticking all of the envelopes together.

I also like that Tony prepared my ordered personally.

ImageAnd here’s a shot of the inside of the box, so you can really appreciate it.  The names are all the different designers who create their cards.

ImageWe also included a picture of us for select individuals on our card list (parents and grandparents, mostly, they’re the ones who like that kind of stuff).  I was down to the wire to getting everything together to start sending cards out to the overseas folks, and the last thing I had to do was take the picture and get some copies printed.  I raced home from work one day as the sun was setting, hoping we could get in a few shots in front of the house before it got dark.  Here are some of the outtakes:

This is the best one we could get with Oscar and the two of us.  He just doesn’t get it, and he never cooperates.  But it makes for a lovely facebook profile pic.

Wish this one wasn't as blurry

Kissy faces.Kissy faces
And now, the ones we actually printed and sent to people:

Christmas Card Picture 2013 Oscar Christmas Card Picture 2013The Oscar picture only goes out to the person (the person who gave us Oscar), so she can see what he’s up to each year.  I also printed an extra copy so now I have a decent picture of Oscar at my desk at work.  P.S. The only way I could get him to look at me was to hold a cookie up next to the camera.  He’s the worst.

And for most people, we included a year in review update postcard, like the one we did last year.  But unlike the one I did last year, which I made in MS Paint, and it took me hours and hours to get the formatting right, I made this one in Gimp, and it only took a couple hours.  I had more trouble getting my printer to spit it out on cardstock.

2013 Year in ReviewWe get solid reviews about the newsletter card each year, so it’s definitely something I’ll keep making.

And with that, dear readers, on this holiest of holy days, Christmas Eve Eve, I will leave you now.  I’ll be back after the Big Day to tell you how we survived hosting our first TWO Christmas dinners at our house.  Merry Christmas from your two favourite home-owners!


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