Painting is DONE.

We’re done painting, like, for real, readers.  Earlier this month I was granted an extra day off on my usual 3-day weekend, so Dan and I didn’t let that time go to waste, and we painted the office.  That’s right, the very last of all the rooms in the house to be painted is now fully painted and DONE.


Here’s your last chance to view the office in its bright yellow state:



We shoved as much of the furniture as possible into the centre of the room, and threw off Oscar’s grove by crowding up the hallway with filing cabinets and shelves.

ImageWhen I did the last stretch of painting earlier this fall, I chose not to paint the office because of all the things attached to the walls.  There are shelves, bulletin boards, picture frames, and our corner bookcase is secured to the wall.  That’s a lot of extra things besides outlet covers to unscrew and reposition after painting.  But with Dan by my side, we stuck to our guns and hammered this one out in an afternoon.

One of my favourite things about painting is discovering all of the horrendous paint colour choices that were made by those who came before you.  I would call this colour fuchsia, and that’s not an appropriate choice for a wall colour.

Funky colours behind the outlet cover
Our attack plan for the bookcase was to paint everything else in the room, then remove the wall supports, shuffle the shelves away from the wall enough for us to squeak in behind them, paint quickly, then reassemble the room.

The opposite of painting yourself into a cornerThe rest of the room after coat one, what an improvement:

Coat oneAnd the gap behind the bookcase, the very last of the yellow:

The last of the yellow
And get ready for it, here comes the cool and soothing green:

Never to be seen againWe very nearly didn’t pull the bookcases away to paint behind them at all, but I thought that would come back to haunt us one day.  Buh-bye  green paint behind the shelves, we’ll never see you again, but I know you’re there.

Coat two, complete! Coat twoAnd as I was putting together this post, I realized I never took pictures of the finished room with all the stuff back in place.  So, in almost real-time, here’s what the office looks like this very night:

The finished product Office space doneAnd with that, painting is done and we can move on to more exciting tasks, like day dreaming about (and saving for) a second bathroom, thinking about upstairs bathroom renovations, and practicing my skillz with a sewing machine to whip up some curtains.


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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