Hemming curtains in part two of a super productive day off

Building on the momentum of my super productive Monday off last week, readers, when I finished installing pantry shelves, I moved right on to tackling a quick job I was avoiding from when we moved in – hemming the curtains in the bedroom.  These are the only curtains we have in the whole house, partly because we have custom-fit blinds in all of the front rooms that face the street (living room and kitchen), and partly because we threw out all of the curtains the previous owners left for us (cat stink lives in all soft surfaces, yo).  In the bedroom and the office, we had curtain rods, but no curtains.  From our rental place, we put up one pair of $40 Ikea curtains in the living room, and they came with us to the new place without a real home in mind.  They’re nothing special, just grey tab style curtains.

Once upon a time, they came with two tie-back pieces of fabric and an iron-on no-sew cheater hemming strip of fabric.  Both have been lost to the ages.  That left us with this problem when we put them up in the bedroom:

The pooling problemThe curtains are about 17 feet too long.  Literally.  When we had these up in our last place, they were on a higher window, and the couch was right in front of them so any pooling was hidden from view.  You’ll also notice that there’s a heating vent being partially covered by the curtain on the right, which is also a problem.

Our curtains have been up since July and we just kind of ignored them and let them be.  But on my super productive Monday off, nothing was getting in my way.

We (mostly me, really) received a sewing machine as a housewarming present from Dan’s mom and step dad, and I’ve been getting reacquainted with the machine in the last few weeks.  I learned to sew when I was a kid and made lots of things with my mom’s sewing machine (skirts, pyjama pants, prom dress, etc), and I would occasionally get pangs for firing up the ol’ sewing machine and being creative, but I mostly use knitting as my crafting outlet.  I intend to sew other curtains and house things eventually, but my big sewing project right now is making reusable drawstring bags for Christmas to replace wrapping paper (if you’re interested, here is the site where I found the instructions).  That project is strewn about on my crafting table as I type this, so I had to push it aside to make room to hem curtains.

sewing table funI pinned the curtains roughly while they were still hanging on the curtain rod, and made sure to get a really solid measurement for either end of each panel.  When I got it downstairs, I carefully applied my measurement to the whole length of the curtain, and then ironed them to cement the new crease.  I can now happily saw that I’ve ironed my curtains.

The sewing part was quick and easy, although I had to do it with a lighter colour of thread than I would have liked.  I wasn’t about to rush out to get dark grey thread for two quick passes for a hem on a set of curtains we aren’t even that crazy about, so I left it.  After sewing the hem, I cut off the excess fabric.

And the result is neat and tidy curtains that meet the floor and pool just a touch.


Curtains: doneRight now the office has one of those temporary paper blinds from Home Depot, the kind with the little plastic clippies to hold it open.  Along with my sewing machine, we received a gift certificate for Fabric Land, so we’ll go shopping eventually for curtain fabric.  We also have the rec room window in the basement that could use a curtain since that window also faces the street.  Christmas bags come first, it’s almost mid-November and I’ll need to start wrapping gifts in a few weeks.


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