Joey and Janice love Halloween

It’s Halloween Eve Eve, readers, and your Halloween heroes were busy prepping this week.  Let’s start off with the weekend, where Dan and I created costumes and attended a Halloween party.

The costume search began early last week, with frantic Pinterest searches.  I’m not even kidding when I say I spent hours looking for costume ideas.  I was going for something that didn’t require wearing a wig or make-up, wouldn’t cost me more than $40, and ideally, wasn’t just a costume in a bag.  I was hoping I could put together something from stuff I already had in my closet.  Spoiler alert: didn’t happen.

I saw a picture in all my searchings of a simple costume, which would be truly adorable and appreciated by everyone at the party.  Get ready for it.

DIY costumeI’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you what I am.  You know.

Here’s the side view:

I made my costume myself on Saturday afternoon before going to a party on Saturday night.  I spent far more time running around to three Halloween stores on the last Saturday before Halloween looking for a pair of goggles for the costume than I actually spent making the whole costume. The whole thing was purchased from Len’s Mill Store, and included:

-aluminum foil roasting pan for my shell
-wooden dowel for the sign stick
-plain green long sleeve shirt ($6, woo!)
-craft batting
-various acrylic paints
-cheap plastic headband
-brown felt

Stuff I already had on hand included a pair of black leggings and two metal rings from mason jars.  After a disappointing hunt for goggles, I decided to make my own (thanks to the young fellow at Value Village for the suggestion!).  My goggles are made from two mason jar rings painted with copper acrylic paint, which were glued to a felt-covered headband.  Done.

Dan went as Charlie Brown, another $6 tshirt costume success.

We also went pumpkin patching on Sunday afternoon at Strom’s.

"Specialty" pumpkinsThe big pile of irregular Oreos pumpkins greeted us as we wandered into the pumpkin area.  Judging from the size of the pile, I don’t think visitors choose these pumpkins as often as the more traditional looking ones.  Sad.

Snack shackThe snack station refueled our pumpkin cells with french fries, sausage on a bun (for me), and hot apple cider.

Double pumpin'The ducky race was an absolute highlight of the trip.  Dan competed against two toddlers in his one and only match.  I did not include the identities of the youngster, they were shamed enough on race day.

It’s hard to make it out with all the leaves, but Dan’s little orange ducky is pulling ahead in the middle lane:

Ducky pulls ahead of the pack!
We are the champions.  Undefeated, Ducky has been retired to our bathroom to live out his years as a stud.
Ducky wins!
Before getting down to pumpkin business, we made a quick detour to check our height:

Statuesque. So sad, just a shortyI am making a sad face because I am a shorty.  I’m otherwise very happy to be at the pumpkin patch.

Dan’s final pumpkin choice is on the left, chosen for its deep wrinkles and character, and my little pumpkin was selected for overall roundness and smooth skin.

Our chosen pumpkins
Our pumpkins sat for a few days in the house, bringing their slimy innards to room temperature for a more comfortable carving experience.  Let the carving begin!

Ready to carve!
The stencilI taped on my template, and settled in for hours of pumpkin carving fun.  Dan prefers to freestyle his pumpkins, and he was in and out of the pumpkin carving station before I finished poking out my design with a pushpin.

But he does lovely work, doesn’t he?

DSC04049My pumpkin took 4 hours from start to finish, and it will be rotten and dumped in the green bin before the weekend.  Accomplishment!



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