One room left to paint, and the colour scheme comes to life

Hi again readers!  I wasn’t kidding when I said we’ve been busy with house stuff this week – in the time since our last post, I painted three more rooms in the house, bringing the number of painted (upstairs) rooms to 7 out of 8.

Dan went away for the weekend and I decided I would stick to my original goal of finishing all the house painting before the end of September.  I was going to tackle the hallway, bathroom, and kitchen on my own, since it was all painting around corners, cupboards, and awkward spaces, and that’s where I’m a viking.

I started on Friday with my friend Sarah and we had an afternoon painting party to finish the hallway.

Hallway progress
The colour isn’t super obvious in the late afternoon light, but you can see how my colour choices intermingle when you look from the hallway into the dining room.

Colour comparison
The bathroom was next on my hit list, and I started on Friday night by cutting in around all the corners and towel racks.  I also took 5 minutes of my life to correct a weird thing the previous owners did.  If you have a shower curtain, you use a liner, yes?  It stops the water from actually touching your pretty fabric shower curtain, and it adorably clings to your wet body while you’re trying to shave your legs, yes yes, we’re all familiar.  Just so we’re all aware, it doesn’t need its own curtain rod.

This picture doesn’t illustrate anything, but it seems I didn’t take a picture of the double curtain rod phenomenon in the bathroom.  This is a picture of the house from before we bought it.  You can clearly see one of the curtain rod ends beside the window frame, and I can assure you, there was also a second one, just for the liner.  TWO CURTAIN RODS.

Bathroom, before we bought the house I took the second rod down on Friday night, and filled the holes with silicone goopy stuff.  And then I painted everything, and now the room is a lot less blue.

First coat
And here I am in my painting clothes, working on the second coat:

Painting in progress
And the room is back to normal with towels and everything.  The tile still looks very blue, unfortunately.

But more importantly, I have one shower curtain rod.

Single curtain rod
And since I was on a roll, I also painted the kitchen to match the hallway.  I decided not to take the kitchen shelves down, because they were a nightmare to put up and I didn’t want to go through that again.

Shelves stayed put
Say goodbye to the tan/green walls!

Matching hallway colour Shelves back to normal Country Green in actionIsn’t it lovely?  It’s bright and green and refreshing.  My whole house has a cool and calm palette.  Except the office.  We’ve got one more room to paint and then we can focus on putting up pretty things on the walls.

And one last thing, to make your Monday afternoon happy:

Your two favourite kids


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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