Bedroom painted, room 4 of 8 complete

When we started painting our house a few weeks ago, readers, we bought enough paint to take care of the living room, dining room, basement rec room, and the bedroom.  We did three of those four rooms in less than a week, which lead to painting burn-out.  You know what I’m talking about – achy arm and shoulder muscles from rolling and brushing, paint-speckled toes, and zero interest in lifting a brush for a while.  After taking a break to build our fence, we were back in the painting saddle.  In one afternoon, we transformed our bedroom.

For the record, this is what we’re dealing with:

The beforeThere’s nothing truly offensive about the room the way it was, but it was beige, and boring, and BEIGE.  There’s nothing like having your stuff in a room where someone else chose the colour to make you feel like you don’t quite belong there.  But don’t worry!  A quick coat of paint will fix it!

We cleared out all of our stuff into the hallway and covered most of the bed with a drop cloth.  Take one last look at the beige.

bye bye beigeDan removed wall plates, and then we settled into our painting partnership routine.  Dan rollers the big patches of wall, and I cut in around the ceiling, baseboard, windows, and doors.

Dan removes wall platesWith our fourth painted room under our belts, I thought I would share some wisdom.  We originally attacked the room paint plan by trying to time it so we wouldn’t be working over each other, so I would cut in and Dan would start his rolling a bit later, or let me do my entire job before starting his.  When we did this in the dining room, we ended up with faint, but still noticeable lines where the hard edge of the roller abruptly stopped before coming too close to the ceiling/door frame/baseboard.  I had to go back in later and lightly brush it out with more paint to fade the line.  Our new process: First coat doesn’t matter, so do whatever works.  For the second coat, Dan starts a bit ahead of me and I start in with the brush to blend the harsh line from the roller while it was still wet.  Brilliant.

Painting began after a leisurely waffle breakfast on my Monday off, then we took a movie break and came back for the second coat in the afternoon.  We were completely done by 5:30, and had furniture moved back in the room in time for bed.

Fossil Grey in one afternoonThe bedroom is the first room upstairs to be painted Fossil Grey, which is the colour of the rec room in the basement (jog your memory about it here).  The bathroom is next, but we have to get bathroom paint that will hold up better in a wet/humid environment.  The bathroom will be the last of the straight-forward painting jobs, and after that we have to bite the bullet and just power through the kitchen, office, and hallway.

And finally, a few shots of the finished room with furniture back in:

Fossil Grey and it feels so goodView from the other corner


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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