A finished fence for a dog to romp

When I left you, readers, we had given up on building our fence, and we had some mild success with the side of the house fence courtesy of Home Depot and their ready-made chainlink gates.  All that happened on Sunday afternoon, and so we were eager to have Simon stop by for his fence building expertise, to both fix our mistakes and make us a strong and sturdy fence.

He stopped by on Tuesday night to get the lay of the land and develop a plan.  Most of his Tuesday work involved drilling the holes we couldn’t manage to do, and fixing the broken off bolts (or making new holes in different places to avoid them altogether).

Simon building a fenceSide note: that handy dandy gate kit the nice man at Home Depot sold us is a crock.  It said right on the box that you make the frame with 2×4’s and then finish with fence boards.  The corner piece brackets are just slightly too small for a 2×4 to fit, Simon had to cut them down a bit to get the wood to fit in the brackets.

The beginnings of a gate:

The gate, halfway done
As the fence started to come together, we noticed that the gap between the existing retaining wall fence and our new lattice fence was large enough for an Oscar-shaped dog to fit through it easily.  Hmm.  That’s not so great.

Fence gap
We didn’t want to attach our new fence to the old leaning fence because chances are it would start to pull on our fence and eventually topple over with it.  Simon reassured us that he had a plan, so we left it in his capable hands.

Oscar was only slightly confused by everything, and didn’t let the fence get in his way of wandering where he shouldn’t be.  I shooed him back to where he belongs to try and get him to romp around the yard in his new open space.  No such luck, he still enjoys standing on the concrete.

Your last taste of freedom, Oscar
Simon did most of the work on Wednesday night and by the time I got home from yoga at 9:30, it was done!

Fence complete!
You may not notice it in the picture above, but we were one fence board short of finishing the gate.  When Simon left on Wednesday night, it was a fully functioning fence with a gate, but it needed a few more tiny details to make it really complete.

I think Simon’s solution for the gap is perfect, it looks like it belongs there and it does the job of keeping my nosy dog inside the fence.

Gap solutionHere’s the finished finished gate, complete with a slightly curvey top:

Finished gate
And one more time, bring it all together now:

Oscar doesn’t seem to have an opinion about it either way, but I feel better about him being trapped.  You’re behind bars now, dog.

You're trapped, Oscar


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