Red door is a done deal

It took all weekend, readers, but our door is finally red.  You may recall from our last post that it was taking more than two or three coats to make it happen.  I was up to coat number three when we last left off, here’s the visual to remind yourselves:
This picture was also taken when the paint was still drying, but you can see the patches that need a little more coverage.  We had a busy weekend with a barbecue and running around, so I was only able to do one coat on Saturday, and the last one had to wait until Sunday afternoon, after we gave up on our other project (more on that soon).

Coat number four, still too patchy for my liking.

Third coat, driedWhat about a fifth coat?

Coat fourBIG difference.  It looks like a red door, instead of reddish smears over a white door.  Now let’s take off that green tape…

Coat fiveThere she is.  That’s my girl!  Now step outside with me and see the finished product the way she was meant to be enjoyed:

Red door!And once more, with feeling:

DONE!Beautiful.  I love it.  I have a red door house now, and it only took five coats of paint.  I really hope that when people walk around our neighbourhood, they notice our door and say to themselves “Ooooo!  Red door!” and then point.  Dan and I do this on our walks, so I assume everyone else would also do this.


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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