Painting, ho!

We’ve been painting, readers.  After posting our last entry about our planned house colour palette, we zipped off to Rona to buy paint.  Rona was having a sale on their eggshell finish paint ($20 a can!  you’d have to be crazy NOT to buy it!) so we loaded up on the dining room, living room, rec room, and bedroom paint.  The kitchen and bathroom would require a different kind of paint, and a day when we’re both feel exceptionally patient.  The hallway is the same colour as the kitchen, so we figured we’d wait for the rest of that colour before buying just enough for the hall.

Dan and I are both instant gratification people, so we didn’t waste any time on the project once we had the paint in the house.  The dining room was completed on the first night, except for a patch where we needed to spackle.  Funny story: we spackled the patch, and Dan said “I’ll just paint around it and we’ll sand and paint it tomorrow” and then not 15 seconds later, he had painted over it.
ImageI waited for the first coat to dry and then sanded it back down to re-spackle.

ImageDo you see how pretty our dining room will be?  It’s hard to really get the whole picture since this picture was taken at night, and there’s a bright blue drop cloth adding more blue to your picture than it should.  Let’s try that again in the early morning sunlight:

ImageImageFinishing the dining room was all well and good on Monday night since it was a very straight-forward room without a lot of fussy painting stuff to do.  I was imagining tackling the much larger living room and what that would be like when I got an unexpected text message from Dan.  While I was at work on Tuesday, Dan did the first coat of the living room rolling.  All I had to do was two coats of cutting in around the windows, ceiling, and baseboards, plus one more rolling coat from Dan, and presto!
ImageWe did a speedy second coat and moved everything back into place while it dried, and we were done.  And here’s a proper view of the dining room with the table and chairs looking normal:

ImageSo now our upstairs is 28% complete, paint-wise.  The place where we spend a lot of our evening down time is painted and ready for decorating touches we haven’t yet decided on.  We also did some painting in the rec room downstairs:

ImageImageThe basement is now completely painted, which is not what you see in this picture since I hadn’t done any of my cutting in yet.  Once we’re done with our fence (which we’re building on Sunday, stand by for an update about it), our next project after painting is finishing the floors in the rec room so we can set up our casual TV space.

I also painted a front door.  Well, three out of what is obviously going to be five coats.  Let me show you why.

The last picture of the white door before painting began:

ImageHere she is after a sanding, thorough wipe-down, and protective green taping:

ImageAnd it begins.  Here’s coat one in progress with yours truly:
ImageAnd the finished first coat, where you can start to see the magic happening:
ImageI tested out the John from Young House Love method of painting a door, where you do all those little squares with a brush and then use a foam roller on the flat parts.  I hate it.  I only did that for the first two coats.  Here’s coat two:
ImageThe flat bits are hella patchy.  I’m all for thin coats rather than big fat gloopy coats, but this process was hardly making a difference.  Halfway through coat three, I switched to painting the flat parts with a brush.  Much better.

ImageI finished the third coat around 7pm, and left it for the rest of the night to dry so we could at least kind of close the door overnight.  I’m looking at doing two more coats to get the coverage I want.  I feel like one more just won’t cut it.  BUT, I’m really loving the colour and the look of a bright red door.  Me-ow, you’re looking fine, red door.

Let’s finish with a painting before-and-after round up, yes?

Living room:

ImageImageDining room:

ImageImageRec room:

ImageImageI’m satisfied.  I’ll let you know how the door works out after a couple more coats.  And now let’s end on an even happier note with my two favourite boys:



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