Paint colours and a whole house palette

While we sit around and plan our next project, readers, we’re also working our way through stacks of paint chips to decide on our whole house attack plan for painting.  This was my activity of choice last weekend, when I laid out all of my paint chips and looked up at Dan with sad eyes from my spot on the floor.  It was too much!

ImageI especially liked my Martha Stewart paint collection booklet, which showed all 200 or so colours in the line.  After humming and hawing for a while, I narrowed it down to a few clear favourites:

ImageWhile these aren’t the final colours we decided on, this was a pretty good representation of the direction I was heading in.  I took this overlapped and covered up with the backs of other paint chips palette and turned it into something a little nicer for you (and us).  I wanted to see all my colour next to each other, without the annoying lighter and darker shades getting in my way.

ImageI labelled each swatch with the colour name and the brand so I could find it later when we’re back at Rona, and I included the HTML reference number so I could find them easily when I made my house plan.  (side note: is fantastic, it knows all the colours!).

Here’s my current plan for where these colours will go in our house:

ImageThe green will continue from the kitchen all the way down the hallway, and will also be in the office.  We like the Fossil Grey for the bedroom and in the bathroom, which will also help neutralize the awful blue tile and blue peel and stick linoleum in the bathroom.  I wanted something more dramatic for the dining room, so I chose Green Moss, a dusty turquoise colour.  The living room is Greige, and the living/dining room colour combination makes me happy.  I would also like to carry on the accent turquoise colour in the kitchen when I paint the step stool and kitchen cart, and maybe on the stairs that lead to the basement.  Fossil Grey will appear again in our future casual living room and craft room.  The green you see in the rest of the basement is just a place holder for now – none of these rooms even have drywall so there will be no painting down there for a while.

Our plan right now is a one-room-at-a-time paint plan, where we think we’ll start with the most straight-forward rooms to paint, which would be the living room and dining room.  The hallway is very no-nonsense, but it connects to the kitchen which is full of painting obstacles, liking climbing up and painting above cupboards.  One bite at a time, readers.

We’re also considering door colours for the front door.  What do you think, yellow or red?

ImageImageI’m leaning towards a red (Dan and I are suckers for a red door), and I enjoy the second and third from the top (Chile and Party Place respectively).

Now it’s off to Rona to wander the paint aisle for reals and see if we have second thoughts about any of the colours we chose.  Wish us luck!


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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One Response to Paint colours and a whole house palette

  1. Kay says:

    The bottom coral color would be a great accent

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