The very best realtor in the whole wide world

The title says it all, readers, and I’m going to spend the next few paragraphs telling you why I would recommend our realtor to anyone who is buying or selling a home.  Get ready to take notes.

We debated for longer than we should have about whether to use a complete stranger to help us buy our house, or use a family friend who is a realtor.  We ultimately decided to go with a stranger because this person would treat us like real clients, and not like an obligation or chore.  We were very happy with this choice, because from our first interaction, Dawn was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and on our side.  You may recall from one of our earlier posts this year that we met with two different realtors in the quest for finding the right person to help with our house hunt.  Dawn stood out easily, and we knew before our meeting was even done that we would be working with her.

Dawn was endlessly patient in our house hunt.  I just scrolled back through our old posts to count how many houses we went out to view, and it was easily 15.  When you consider that some days we hit 4 or 5 places in one outing, and some days we only went out to see one, and then we spent at least 20 minutes in each home, sometime more, that’s a lot of face time.  We were also actively searching for a home from late January to the end of May.  That’s a lot of commitment to your favourite house-buying heroes.  There was never a time when Dawn got antsy with our long drawn-out search, and she never made a push for a house to speed things along.

Dawn is most definitely a no-pressure realtor, and we loved it.  She was careful with her comments about any house, whether it was the crappiest crap house we’ve ever seen and she didn’t want us to dismiss it too early, or if it was  perfect looking but might have some unseen issues to consider.  She was neutral when she needed to be, to let us make our own opinion, and she jumped when we needed to act quickly to have a chance at making an offer.  When we made our first offer, she laid every option out on the table so we knew where we stood, and she never tried to make our odds seems better than they were – she just presented the facts and had our best intentions in mind.

During the hunt for our house, Dawn met us at all hours of the day, during weeknights and weekends, and even met us after 9pm one night for a second viewing of a house, where she came straight from a horseback riding event with her family.  I value my work above lots of other things, and I appreciate this in the people I chose to work with.  Dawn was quick to get back to every email, no matter what time it was or what day it was.  I’m sure every buyer or seller thinks that they are the most important client to their realtor, but Dawn certainly made us feel this way.

Dawn stopped by our new house a few night ago, now that we’re settled in and our house is starting to look like we belong here.  She gave us a lovely gift basket, full of delicious snacks and treats (which we’ve been enjoying all week, THANK YOU DAWN!).

Tasty treats from Dawn

We will highly recommend Dawn to anyone who is looking for a realtor, and while we hope to stay in our house for a good long time, she’ll be top of the list to call when we need to move again.


About joeyandjanice

Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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