A clear patio and painted basement stairs

At the tail end of my vacation time last week, Dan and I worked on a few quiet afternoon projects, readers.  Dan zipped out and bought a cute little scraper tool to remove this from the basement stairs, which we discovered after we ripped up all the carpet:

ImageOnce the mystery step gunk was removed, he could paint all the stairs with the same odour-sealing paint that we used for the entire basement, to really trap the cat-stink once and for all.

Dan was hard at work, scraping gunk and trying not to mangle the wooden stairs underneath:

ImageAnd I puttered around the back yard with Oscar, painstakingly removing every weed that was trying to sprout between our patio stones.

ImageIt appears that I never took a picture of the “before”, where the weeds were covering 80% of the this patio.  They were all the kind of weeds that spread out as wide as possible once they sprout up between the stones, to get maximum obnoxious weed coverage.  It made it more satisfying when I pulled them all out, but it’s a real shame that you have nothing to compare this “after” picture to.

There were still a few stragglers when I took these pictures a week after doing the initial weed removal.  I also spotted a few brave souls trying to establish their weedy roots again.  I’ve got my eye on them.
ImageThese patio stones are also really hideous, just as they are.  They are uneven, and patchy, and I don’t like them at all.  The ones that are closest to the house look like they were painted light blue once upon a time, and I think they all might have been painted, but they’re all weather-worn now.  They’re screaming for a pressure-washing (and sledge hammering).  I’m looking forward to that.

Dan has since painted two coats of Kilz cat-stink sealer on the basement stairs, they’re plain white now and waiting for a real paint job with a colour we’ll choose eventually.

And while I was outside today admiring my work from last week, I noticed a bunch of other backyard things I’d like to tackle soon:

ImagePretty much everything you see in this picture needs to be dealt with.  It’s overwhelming to think of it right now, so I’m focusing on the little things I’ve already done inside the house instead.  Peter Pan happy thoughts.

ImageThis one should only take an afternoon.  I need to pull the weeds along the fence and get rid of the oil stain on the concrete.  We also want to brush away the leaves and dirt that have accumulated in the crack between the driveway and the house, and then seal it.  One step at a time.


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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