Our first Ikea trip (for the new house) and the office comes together

It’s my last vacation day, readers, and we’ve done a ton of stuff in the last few days.  The biggest and most important thing was our Ikea trip yesterday.  We had quite the list in mind for filling in a few gaps in the house, stuff we never needed before because it didn’t exist at our rental, or stuff we wanted to buy for a long time but had no place for until now.

This was the list I took to Ikea with us:

  • Billy bookcases for our library in the office
  • shelves for the pantry, the kind that pull out
  • bedside tables, Malm variety
  • drawer ogranizer “buckets” for my make-up drawer and for the junk drawer in the kitchen
  • cord covers for the office
  • Hemnes shoe cabinet for the front entrance
  • shelves for cookbooks/teapots
  • magazine holder boxes
  • bench for front entrance wall
  • storage box for Victoria’s desk

We were also going to look at and investigate free-standing islands for the kitchen (or potentially getting cabinetry so we can put a dishwasher in the island) and area rugs for the living room and basement.  We had no intention of buying any of these things, we just wanted to get a feel for whether we would one day be getting them at Ikea or not.

Our trip was very successful, except for the lack of Hemnes shoe cabinets.  They were completely out of stock, and unless we wanted the white version of it (ick), it was a no go.  Dan drives by an Ikea on his way to work, so he turned my frown upside down and said he would pick one up on Tuesday.  I guess that’s OK.

We got everything on our to-buy list except the shoe cabinet and the shelves.  The only sliding shelves Ikea sells are for their Ikea kitchens, which don’t exist at the store for you to buy pieces for.  It looks like Home Depot will be a our new best friend for that one.  We also didn’t get Malm bedside tables, because they were $70 EACH, and we got the smaller slightly cheaper-looking Kullen bedside tables, which look like the baby brother of a Malm bedside table.  They were $40 each.  We also didn’t need a huge amount of storage space in a bedside table, so Malm didn’t make any sense.  Our bed frame is Malm, so we needed something that was fairly low to the ground and with a similar look to the Malm style.  I think Kullen was a great choice, as you can see here:

ImageWe also picked up a new duvet cover (impulse buy, woo!) to go with the new colour scheme I have in mind for the bedroom, grey, coral, and light blue/turquoise.  You can see the edge of the new pillow sham in the bedside table picture.  

The front entrance is my current little project, I want it to be its own space within the kitchen.  The Hemnes shoe cabinet is a big part of how this is going to work, and since I don’t own one yet, here’s a quick Ikea website picture to give you the idea:

HEMNES Shoe cabinet with 4 compartments IKEA Helps you organize your shoes and saves floor space at the same time.We chose the shorter version of this cabinet, since we have chair rail along the wall in the kitchen where all the entrance stuff will be, and there’s a light switch just above it that would be covered by anything taller than this cabinet.  It has a very thin design, so it won’t take up much space along the floor.  The master plan for the wall is to have Hemnes right at the far left of the wall, where we can throw our keys and phones when we come in the door.  Then on the rest of the wall, there will be two shelves for cookbooks and teapots, and a bench underneath them for sitting down to tie your shoes.  Here’s all I have so far:

ImageHumpf.  The stool is sitting there right now because the empty wall makes me sad.  The brackets for our shelves are sitting on top of the stool, and the shelves are tucked around the corner right now so they don’t get knocked over by a wagging dog tail.

I really like this bench.  It’s also a Hemnes, and it’s technically part of a bathroom furniture line, so it was 15% off when we went to Ikea because of the bathroom and kitchen event.  The bench was $67, and will be used to store hats/mitts/scarves in baskets on its little shelf in the winter.  Here’s a better look:

ImageMaybe a few decorative and colourful pillows on top of the bench?  Yes?  I think so.  We also snagged another impulse buy at Ikea, a $60 runner to help define the front entrance space in the kitchen.

ImageLook at all those shoes with no place to go.  Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

Other major improvements were made in the office.  Remember this?

ImageBoxes couldn’t be unpacked because they were mostly books, which needed a new home.  Our old Expedit shelf from the office is being set up in the basement in the crafting/knitting corner, and the smaller Expedit that used to be for my knitting stuff is now in the office, but is nowhere near large enough to hold all of our books.  Enter Billy, and all our problems are solved:

ImageIt’s so beautiful!  Ikea had a demo room a while ago that had Billy set up in a corner with a cozy rug and a chaise lounge.  That is the end goal here, folks.  We weren’t down with spending an extra $600 at Ikea on this trip to get a chair, so that will come later.  But for now, all of our books are out of boxes and nicely organized.  We got more magazine holder boxes for all of Dan’s nerd magazine and comics to be displayed, and everything looks neat and tidy.  I threw in all of our picture frames and my jars of yarn balls to fill in the empty spaces (side note, when you finish a pair of socks and don’t know what to do with that teeny little ball of yarn, find a pretty jar and turn it into something decorative).

I also spent some quality time with a level and a drill to put my desk area together.  We originally wanted both desks along the same wall, but Billy couldn’t fit in the corned we wanted because he would cover an air return.  So Billy and I switched places, and here’s where I sit now:

ImageImageMy new chair didn’t come from Ikea.  I bought this yesterday at HomeSense, they were having some kind of dining room chair event, where the whole store was littered with upholstered chairs.  I spent longer than I care to admit testing out different chairs, and ultimately I went with comfort as my deciding factor.  It was down to two chairs and this one had the right amount of padding without being too bouncy.  

ImageAnd the rest of the desk came together nicely:

ImageImageAnd don’t forget about Dan, he put the finishes touches on his desk area too:

ImageNow our hands hurt from all the screw-driving and furniture assembly of the last few days, so we’re taking a much deserved day off and going to see a movie.  See ya!


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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