“Vacation” days two and three, and moving in to our new house

At the end of the first packing day, we had successfully boxed up most of our belongings, and it was just down to taking apart all of the big things and other take-apart-ables in the house.  It was hotter than BALLS on Monday and Tuesday, so Dan worked up a nice sweat unscrewing the bed frame upstairs, where it felt like a solid 20 degrees hotter than the main floor.  He also heroically took apart the Expedit shelf in the office, the big giant one that weighs more than you think and comes apart into so many pieces. 

I spent my Tuesday packing up the kitchen.  The Master Moving Plan was to completely pack up the kitchen on Tuesday, except for any food and basic utensils we would need to eat with on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Our moving team was arriving on Wednesday morning, and would be eating lunch with us, so it was only decent of me to provide plates and cutlery. 

I have a lot of kitchen stuff.  Every cupboard was crammed with tools and pots and pans and food and stuff.  The food in the pantry and snack cupboards took three boxes to pack up, and I had a nice little mountain of kitchen boxes by the early afternoon. 

ImageDan and I took a car load of other miscellaneous boxes to the house, then I did a speedy pack-up of all the food in my fridge and freezer, and we took it over to the house.  I made priority decisions for which kitchen boxes needed to come over now, and which ones would wait until Wednesday to come on the truck.  The decision was mostly made based on what I needed right away (eg. plates, glasses, food) and what was breakable or meltable (eg. plates, glasses, food).  I left all of my cutlery at the old place, for my moving team to eat lunch, as well as our old soon-to-be-donated set of dishes and bowls.  Moving the fridge/freezer contents was my favourite part.  Our Japanese robot fridge was crammed to the high heavens on Tuesday morning, since I made big batches of pasta and fruit salads in giant containers, and it all fit into our new fridge with tons of room to spare.  Looks like I won’t be needing a chest freezer after all.

The load of boxes ready for the car on Tuesday:
ImageImageAnd this is how it all fits into my new fridge:

ImageImageAfter putting all the food away, I spent the afternoon putting the dishes and things I had brought over into their, perhaps temporary, homes.  It’s so hard to set up a new kitchen.  I see all the cupboards, I have lots of space, but I won’t know what makes sense until I start trying to cook in my kitchen.  I’m determined not to just leaves things where they are if they aren’t working.  There will be minor and major kitchen overhauls in the next few weeks as I fine tune the arrangement of my stuff.  My boss once told me a story about how her family was helping her move, and when she went out one afternoon, they completely unpacked and put away everything in her kitchen.  The story was meant to be an “isn’t that nice?” kind of moment, but that would be my worst nightmare.  It will get done, but it’s a process, and I won’t know what works and what doesn’t until I’m in there using it.

We called it a day and went back to the old house for dinner and to relax a bit.  Around 8pm, we loaded Oscar into the car and took him to my mom’s place, since he would be a colossal nuisance on moving day.  After bootin’ him out of the car, we went to pick up Dan’s friend Tyler, our second boy, as required for any DIY moving team, and he was staying over to be ready to start lugging heavy things on Wednesday morning.  My friend Sarah was arriving in the morning, and a team of four seemed like a good number of people.  It was the last night sleeping in our old house, and I had a brief little sadness when I got up on Wednesday, but it passed quickly. 

I was up early on Wednesday to go help my mom walk her pack of dogs.  She already has two dogs, and with a third temporary house guest, they are darn near impossible to walk all together.  It was also my mom’s birthday, so I picked up birthday coffee and birthday breakfast and we had a nice little early morning waddle before the chaos started.  She was coming to the house to help us pick up the 17′ moving truck (she was Big Rig Birthday Momma for the day), so I scooted off to pick up more hot/cold beverages and breakfast for the boys before meeting her back at the old house.  Dan and my mom went to get the Uhaul, and then it was into serious loading time.

As part of the Master Moving Plan, I had a strategic plan for packing the house to make for easy unloading off the truck.  Our old house layout translated nicely to the new house, where the office and bedroom were upstairs at the old place, and would be at the back of the new house, and the main floor living room and kitchen are the front rooms at the new place.  Our loading plan included putting the kitchen and living room stuff on the truck first, so they would be the last things coming off the truck.  Are you picking up what I’m laying down?  As we unload all the other house stuff, we’ll be walking through nice big empty rooms (kitchen and living room), and then the last things to be brought into the house will be going to the closest rooms.  Ah, efficiency.  After the kitchen and living room stuff was on the truck, we loaded up basement and bathroom things, then office and bedroom, and finally outdoor shed stuff.  The very last thing to go in the truck was the mattress, since it had to be stacked on top of everything else in the truck.  I neglected to get a picture of the loaded truck, since I was busy blinking back sweat dripping into my eyes.  Sorry. 

Here’s the happy moving team, and a few empty room shots:

ImageImageImageImageWe loaded the truck in an hour and a half (!) and then called for a truck moving helper.  For transporting all of our stuff from one house to the next, we got Simon, a truck-driving expert and all-around very helpful person. 

ImageEveryone took a much appreciated lunch and air conditioning break at the new house.  Did I forget to mention that we have AIR CONDITIONING now?  I also had big glasses of cold water, popsicles, cold pasta salad, and chilled egg salad sandwiches waiting for my happy little moving team. 

Unloading the truck happened in less time that the loading part, and we were completely done moving just after 1pm.  Wa-bam!  Our truck-mover came back and we dropped off the Uhaul and then Tyler, and went to pick up a dog from my mom’s house.

The last key part of the Master Moving Plan was to successfully transition Oscar to the new house.  We started when we first got possession of the house, by bringing him with us to the house as often as possible.  He sniffed around like a mad man the first time, and then eventually got used to it and he would settle down while we cleaning or painted.  On moving day, my task was to migrate him from the old house to the new house.  The route I took was along a trail, so even in the blazing sun and heat, we would be in the shade and walking through forests most of the time.  Google maps tells me it takes 1 hour and 21 minutes to walk it, and it’s 6.5km.  That sounds about right.  We were both hot and tired and exhausted when we got to the house, but my plan worked perfectly, and Oscar has been lying on the floor and looking comfortable in his new digs.  No anxious dog (so far)!

Tune in again soon for a room-by-room review of where we are after moving day.


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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