“Vacation” day four, and what I woke up to

It’s our first official morning in our new house, readers!  It didn’t feel weird waking up this morning, I didn’t get disoriented and think I was in the old house, and we slept with the blankets on for the first time in a week.  I LOVE AIR CONDITIONING.

We were unpacking machines on Wednesday night.  As soon as everything was off the truck and we were back in the house by ourselves, we buzzed through the house like little worker bees, unpacking and putting away as fast as possible.  Just like I didn’t want to live in boxland for weeks at the old house, I had no interest in living in boxland at the new house.  Let’s start the tour!

The kitchen, with almost all of my things put away.  The only stuff still in boxes (teapots and cookbooks) requires some shelves to go up on the wall first.

ImageImageI made a makeshift island in the kitchen, so we could get a feeling for future island sizing.  I also finally have my recycling bins in the kitchen, WHERE THEY BELONG.  Do you hear that, Dan?  I produce 95% of all recyclable materials in the kitchen, and these are the pre-sorting bins before they go into the blue box.  They are staying where they are.

Living room and dining room are coming along nicely:

ImageImageImageThe bathroom was a quick and easy unpack, and it’s already been road tested with two showers yesterday from two exceptionally sweaty individuals.

ImageYou can peak inside my medicine cabinet, it’s no big deal.  Here’s Dan’s side, which also includes all the medicine-y and first aid things (Dan doesn’t use a lot of products or need tons of room to store his stuff, so he gets to share his side with the communal supplies).

ImageAnd my side, which has a lot more in it.  I require a lot of upkeep to look this fantastic.

ImageOffice space has the most to do in it still – I need my shelves back so I can put up my stuff, and we’re getting a real filing cabinet soon.
ImageImageSetting up the bedroom was a top priority.  This was the first thing Dan assembled, and my patented bed bundle for easy moving meant that my ready-to-sleep-in bed was done in less than 5 minutes.

ImageI also have a real closet now.  No more ghetto bar across and open “closet” and hanging shelf things from Ikea.  This one is made for clothes!  and it has three different bars for hanging stuff!  All my dreams are coming true.

ImageOur future workout room has been cleared out of all the basement boxes.  We just dumped everything at the bottom of the stairs yesterday, so Dan and I spent a few minutes putting it away this morning.  The boxes you see in the picture are all of our DVDs, which can’t have a home until the DVD towers go up, which can’t happen until we complete Stage 1 of the rec room project.  Stage 1 includes painting the floors and putting down an area rug, then replacing all the baseboards.

ImageThe laundry room had a fun visit from Simon this morning to replace the shut-off valve for the water supply.  You could turn the little handle all you want and it wouldn’t shut off the water.  The City had to come in this morning to turn the water off from the street while Simon did his thing.  It’s all done now, and this should help with all upcoming plumbing work in the house.

ImageAnother layer of mud is going on this wall, and then maybe this weekend we can paint the floors and sand and paint the wall.  Once the baseboards are back on, we can put the DVD towers up.  This room will look kind of sad for a while, since we don’t have a sectional couch yet, and we don’t have a second TV for this room.  All in good time, my lovelies.

ImageMy crafting corner!  All my crafty and knitting and spinning things will finally have a home together!  Also, Oscar.

ImageAnd finally, the mechanical room, which now includes the giant storage shelf for all of our out of season clothes, holiday decor, and camping stuff.

Mechanical room

And now we’re working on unpacking a few little things, and finding temporary homes for some items that are waiting for an Ikea trip.  The big Ikea trip is on Saturday, and I’ve already started a list.


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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