“Vacation” day 1 – packing my heart out

For my co-worker readers, you may know that I’m not at work this week. You probably know that I’m moving, but in case you have some vision of me kicking back and putting my feet up, please let me correct you.  We chose not to live in box-land for the three weeks when we had possession of our new place and were living in our rental place.  I would have pulled my hair our if I had to live in my house for weeks with some of my valuables boxed away and sitting there, taunting me.  I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that if I packed up any box of things in my house, I would have needed something from that box within minutes of sealing the tape.  No question.  So, we waited until the absolute last moment to do any packing, and today was packing day #1 of 2.  My house looked like my usual house this morning (see previous pictures of it here), and here it is at 7:30pm, where we didn’t actually start packing things until after 4pm today:

ImageMy kitchen, without the table and chairs.  A girl I work with was more than happy to take it off our hands, so she doesn’t have to live in an empty bachelor apartment.  She arrived today at 5:30 and loaded it all into her car.  Buh-bye free table, I’m glad you can be passed on to someone else to enjoy.

ImageKind of sad, now it really feels like we’re moving, and it happened all of a sudden.  Also, for the next day and a half, we have nowhere to put stuff down.  That table served as a makeshift kitchen counter and work space for us.  Oh well.  We’re on to better things now.

ImageDan’s precious CARtoons!  I mean, DVDs!  They all got packed up and put in boxes within 20 minutes.  So empty.

ImageThere was a big giant pile of DVD boxes in the middle of the room, but Dan has already loaded them into his car and transported them to the new place.  Our moving truck on Wednesday will mostly be used for large awkward-shaped furniture and things that can’t fit in Dan’s car.

ImageThis is what the whole house would look like if it wasn’t for Dan’s deep need to move things over to the house in small loads.  My empty knitting shelves can be seen in the background.  :Le sigh.

ImageThis picture doesn’t really show the full extent of what I did today.  The only things left in this bathroom are a half-full box of lightbulbs and an extra roll of toilet paper.  I’m leaving the handsoap and a small towel until after we move out, since we’ll be coming back to the rental to clean up a bit before handing in our keys.

ImageEmptied out most of the linen closet in the mud room.  I left all my biking stuff, since I’ll be riding my bike over to the new place and I can just load up with all my gear to take it over.  I also left some large green bin bags so we can tidy up the backyard next week.

Most of my day was not even spent packing – I was running errands all day.  Observe, my to-do list (mostly done):

ImageWe found out last week that the handy little valve that should turn off our water in our house doesn’t work.  You can turn the handle as much as you want, and nothing happens.  Simon told us he needs 20 minutes with the water shut off so he can replace the washer and then it will work just fine, so I called Public Works this morning and set up a time for the water crew to manually shut off my water.  It costs $50 for them to come to my house and do it, and if they have to leave and come back, it’s another $50 to turn it back on.  Awesome.  I think we can get it all done in under half an hour, so I hope the crew will take a knee/go have a smoke while Simon does his magic.  They water guys are coming on Thursday morning, so that when our water softener arrives on Friday, they can turn the water off for the installation.

I also finished the last of my address changes, did a light grocery shop for snack things for my moving crew (shout outs to Sarah and Tyler for being awesome friends!), mailed my moving announcement postcards, scheduled and had my furnace ducts cleaned, and I’m a super dork and I’ve planned out our meals for the transition period so I can completely pack up and move my kitchen tomorrow.  I made big batches of fruit salad and pasta salad, to accompany egg salad sandwiches for lunch on moving day, and for easy breakfast for me and Dan on moving morning.  Dinner on moving day will be pizza (duh), the classic meal for friends who help you move.

After a full day of running around and packing boxes in the sweltering heat of our un-airconditioned rental, we had a unanimous vote to zip out to sbux for icy drinks.

ImageMy favourite part is that it looks like the straw is going up Dan’s nose.


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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