Beautiful Bjursta

I have a dining room, readers, and she’s beautiful.  On Saturday night, after two long years of owning chairs and having them sit in a basement (not my basement, even), I moved them to my new place, and assembled our shiny new Ikea dining room table.  Behold!

These are my beautiful chairs, still with their auction tags on them.  They came from an auction sale of old office furniture from HydrOne – these were the boardroom chairs that were custom made for the company.  They were made in 1958 by Krug Furniture (which still exists!), they’re red leather with square rivets all along the back of the chairs and the sides, and I love them.  I scored them for $50 each for a grand total of only $300 for six chairs.  Ikea/Walmart/Target “leather” dining room chairs don’t even come close to that price, and they don’t look as nice.

Chairs are ready for their new homeThere they are, lined up and waiting for their turn in the dining room.  The drywall and mudding was all finished on Friday, so it was up to us to prime and paint.  We’re still waiting for the transition strip to go down between the floors in the two rooms, and Simon should have that in the next day or two.  Once that’s done, the baseboards can get put back into place.

The chairs were only one half of the dining room battle – we also purchased a table on sale at Ikea a few months ago, and it’s been sitting at the top of our basement stairs in the original boxes.  Dan moved one of the boxes over to the new house in the afternoon, and I wined and dined my mom to get her to help me lug the other box to the house, along with the chairs.  We loaded up chairs first, and I was pleased to find out you can fit all six of these chairs in the back of a minivan, as long as the seats are out of the van.  The second Ikea box was the table top, which is the biggest and heaviest of the two boxes, and it was definitely a two-person job to move it.  Our table is a Bjursta, and I think we got it for just over $200 instead of a price that is normally closer to $300.  Here she is, direct from the Ikea website:

BJURSTA Extendable table IKEA Extendable dining table with two extra leaves seats 6-10, so you can quickly and easily adapt the table to your needs.  
We bought this table because it looks substantial, and didn’t come across as cheap-looking.  There were other similarly priced tables that had skinnier legs, and they just looked cheap.  What we really want one day is a big solid wood harvest table, but this is our for-now table.  We also got it because it comes with two leaves, to seat up to 10 people.  Christmas dinner at my house?  I think so.

BJURSTA Extendable table IKEA Extendable dining table with two extra leaves seats 6-10, so you can quickly and easily adapt the table to your needs.
Bjursta with both leaves in place, ready for a big ol’ fashioned family dinner.

Momma dropped off the stuff, and Dan and I stayed at the house for a few hours to put everything together.  I did all the Ikea assembling, with help from Dan for the two-person parts of the instructions, and Dan worked on some more basement cat-stink projects.

Get ready for this.

It’s coming.

You’re going to be blown away.

DINING ROOMIT’S BEAUTIFUL!!  This is my little table, without the leaves, for our standard everyday dining room.  To use the leaves, we would have to rotate the table 90 degrees and have it going into the living room, but this is why we knocked a hole in the wall in the first place.

I really want you to get a good feel for this space – here’s the view from the dining room:

View from the dining room
And a detail shot of the back of the chairs:

DSC03662I want to stain the legs a darker colour, but that will be later, I’m in no great rush to do that.

Immediately after putting the dining room together, Dan and I sat at either end of the table and made giddy faces at each other.  Then it was back to work, I still had to prime the walls before we could call it a night.

Priming toolsIt took me about an hour to prime all the mudded areas of the wall, and then I collapsed from my dining room high into a pile on the floor and we went home.  Dining room dining room dining room!


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