Moving announcement

Moving announcement no address

Address left out on purpose, so the internet doesn’t know where I live

Here it is team, our moving announcement postcard.  This took far more time to create than you could imagine.

I originally made the postcard in MS Paint, a la our 2012 Christmas/New Year’s update we sent out to friends and family along with our usual Christmas cards:

The magic of MS Paint and patience.

The magic of MS Paint and patience.

But I was limited by what Paint would let me do and the vision I had in my head.  I used the style from something I saw on Pinterest for the New Year’s announcement, and fiddled around with the placement of everything, which is tedious and frustrating in Paint since it becomes a straight-up image as soon as you de-select the thing you’re working on.  So, not knowing any better, I made my first postcard in Paint, following the style of something I saw either on Etsy or (I don’t remember which, sorry).  I made a pretty good version, but I wasn’t happy with the keys.  There’s no way to slightly rotate an image in Paint, you can only rotate in increments of 90 degrees, and I wanted two old timey looking keys, at slight angles like they are hanging from a string.  Not possible in Paint.  So then I toyed with the idea of finding Photoshop somehow, and when that involved more downloading or torrenting than I know how to do (which is very little), I opted for Gimp, a totally legit, free version of a program that seems very similar to Photoshop.  I then spent 2 hours fiddling with it and learning how to use it, while also trying to make my postcard.  I watched so many YouTube videos about how to do particular (and very basic) things with Gimp, and I’m pleased as punch with the result!

The real postcards were printed on cardstock and sliced apart this morning (thanks, paper cutting at work!), and I’ll be making envelopes and breaking out our brand new address stamp to finish the project.  If you received a Christmas card from me this year, you’re on the list to receive an address postcard, you lucky ducks!


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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