Final walk-through


Oh, hello new house!  Don’t you look nice!  We went back to the house one last time before the closing date, in a totally non-creepy way where the current owners knew about it and everything, for our final walk-through.  As you can see, the grass seed has come in and looks beautiful, and it’s got a little bit more curb appeal going on.


Letter from old owners
We were greeted at the side entrance with a letter from the current owners, about all the nice, and totally unexpected, things they were still going to do before we take possession on Thursday.  It may be hard to read, but the list includes: patching and repainting the basement walls, curtains that are being left will be washed and rehung, the basement carpet will be steam cleaned on Tuesday, and they are leaving two large and very useful bits of furniture in the basement (mostly because they are too big to get out of the basement without destroying them).  Isn’t that nice?!

Enough chatter, let’s start the formal tour:

DSC03597 DSC03596Kitchen, from two angles.  Look how big and spacious!

Living room DSC03599Living room from two angles

Dining room DSC03590This will be the dining room, which is currently being used as their crafty supply room (I like these people more and more)

Hall closetThe closet in the hallway, off the kitchen.  Perhaps to be used as an appliance hideaway, like they did, or maybe as a linen closet?

BathroomLooks the same as last time, and we forgot to bring a tape measure to see if our ideal bathroom double sink unit from Rona will fit.

Basement living room DSC03602These pictures were never included in the listing for this house, and this room is what totally sold Dan on buying the house.  Look at this room!!  It’s huge, and will one day feature a sectional couch for casual TV watching, as well as a crafting/sewing corner.  Also, shout outs to James and Loren, thanks for posing for me, guys!

DSC03604The other end of the basement, here’s the laundry room, where you can see the very edge of a massive wardrobe/storage unit that we get to keep.

DSC03610The rough-in for a future downstairs bathroom.

DSC03609The other end of the basement, which will likely be storage/workout space.  We get to keep the shelves with the pink paper taped to it.

Driveway/patioThe side door entrance, and a pinky-purple car that I hope will not be left there on Thursday.  We’ll be putting up a fence to complete the back yard fencing, so Oscar doesn’t run away.  The fence will start ahead of the side door, so we can just throw the door open to let Oscar outside.

That’s the house tour.  Well, the one that includes someone else’s stuff.  You can expect a set of empty-room pictures later this week when we GET THE KEYS!!


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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