Thank you for all of your crossed fingers and toes this week, readers, I think it did the trick.  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

Our home inspection was scheduled for Wednesday morning, and with one mortgage approval for a very similar amount already under our belts, we weren’t concerned about being approved.  I was working on the day of the inspection, so Dan and Dawn took care of everything.  The inspection was at 9am on Wednesday, and I had been at work since 8am.  I was glad it was a busy morning at work to keep me distracted, but I ducked into the office to check my phone for updates about a bazillion times.  Dan is not the super best at providing live updates, so the best I got was “nothing major so far”, which, I suppose, is good news.  I was hoping for the laundry list of little things that need to be addressed, but I didn’t get that until I came home later.

The home inspection list includes the following:

-tripping concerns about the driveway, which is concrete slab with a decent crack down the middle from where the slabs have shifted
-roof has 3-5 years left on it, and when we replace it, it will need the mushroom-shaped spinny ventilator replaced because it’s awful
-a touch of mold in the bathroom rough-in in the basement, from where a pipe wasn’t properly closed off and water was dripping.  This is not any kind of death-mold, just something for us to bleach and rip out.
-a gap between the foundation and the driveway, which is a simple fix that Dan will take pleasure in doing – foam and calking, his favourite things!
-5 of the 6 basement windows need to be replaced, but we knew that

That was the worst of it, and the overall report was that there was no reason, based on his inspection, to not buy the house if we like it.  Yippee!

We heard back about our mortgage on the same day, very close to the time the inspection was finished, so within an hour, I knew we were moving ahead with it.  The mortgage was almost identical to the first one, same bank, same rate, etc.  We were very relieved to still get the 2.89% rate since we heard it was going back up, but all the crossed fingies and toesies were helpful, so thanks everyone!

When I got home, after forwarding and sending emails all afternoon from my phone, we printed and signed the agreement to remove our conditions from the offer and make it official.  The nicest line on the whole page is “This Offer is now FIRM and BINDING and will proceed to close as scheduled.”  Isn’t that nice?

Dan had a hard time letting himself be excited, because of all the heartbreak and burning we’ve experienced before.  To any of our fb friends, you will know that Dan lifted his curtain of doubt yesterday, and posted the link to the MLS listing for all to see and share.  The for-sure moment for me was when my mom drove by the house last night (like a creeper, I might add) and told us the SOLD sticker was on the sign.

There’s not a lot of time to sit and be happy about this, because now we move on to the lightening round of getting our ducks lined up.  The closing date is coming up on June 27, and we still need to confirm the mortgage (that’s happening on Monday), arrange for life insurance (Dan is skeptical about that one, but I think it’s a necessary evil), confirm home insurance (two quotes are in the works) and have a chat with a lawyer (called him yesterday and waiting for a reply).  And then there’s the much longer list involved with moving, which is a whole ‘nother ball of wax that makes us both want to sit in a corner and sob.  One step at a time.


About joeyandjanice

Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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