Second offer, and a waiting game on conditions

You already know where this one is going, readers, because I told you in our last post that put in a our second offer on a house.  Let’s get you caught up.

After the Madison home, we were eager to get back to looking for houses.  We were kind of sad that we missed the boat on the house around the corner from Madison because we sat patiently waiting for a full day to have our offer reviewed.  This is what we missed out on:

Look how cute!  The roundie door, I can’t contain myself!  This one is no longer an option for us, but we’ve moved on to equally cute things.

Here’s the timeline of our last week for you:

-Friday – viewed Stirling house
-Saturday – creeped on Stirling house in the early hours of the morning for traffic
-Sunday – Madison house comes on the market at about 9pm, we think it’s worth seeing
-Monday – View Madison house, as well as 2 dud houses around lunchtime.  Go back at 9pm to view Madison again, and complete the paperwork for our first offer around 11pm.
-Tuesday – Learn about a 3rd offer coming in around 10:30am.  Wait all day until 5pm for offers to be reviewed.  We’re out by 6pm because of a bidding war.
-Wednesday – More new houses on the market!  I send a list to Dawn that included 4 houses in Kitchener and Cambridge, and we set up viewing that night at 6pm for 3 of them.

Here are the homes we went to see on Wednesday night:

Beech Avenue in Cambridge (Hespeler) – $237,900

Bergey Street in Cambridge (Hespeler) – $249,900

Tamroth Close in Kitchener – $245,000

Beech Ave is around the corner from my mom’s house, in the neighbourhood where I went to elementary school.  It’s an area of Hespeler with older homes and more mature neighbourhoods, which runs along behind Queen Street.  Here’s some interior-love for you about Beech:

Living room, looking out from the dining room.  Front door entrance is the door you see on your right.
Living room from a different angle – French doors into the dining room

The dining room
The kitchen

The door on the left goes into the main floor bedroom, which would be our office

The main floor bedroom, aka future office

Jacuzzi tub – this would be ripped out, it takes up so much space and we would never use it

Teeny weeny pedestal sink in a great big bathroom

Up the stairs, large landing area which opens to…

The giant loft master suite!

Perfect sized backyard, with a shed, wooden fence all the way around, and mature trees too.  Nice to know you neighbours, but I don’t need to see you.

The Bergey house was of some interest to us because on our very first night out in February viewing homes, we saw a really nice home on that street.  As you can see from the exterior picture above, the current Bergey home doesn’t make much of an impression on the outside, but here are a few of the inside shots that make you wonder what they were thinking with the exterior:

For real, why did they just give up on the outside of the house?  The inside is so pretty, and it’s all brand spankin’ new and modern.  The price only makes sense when you see the inside, but I don’t know if I could stomach spending our full budget when the curb appeal is absolutely zero.

The Kitchener house was OK, but it really didn’t have a dining room.  It was an eat-in kitchen situation, and while there were two bedrooms on the main floor that could be used a dining room, they were both very far away from the kitchen, and the whole layout seemed very segmented and broken up.  Not a winner.

So that left us with our friend on Beech Ave.  We left that first viewing already excited about it, and when the other two didn’t knock our socks off, we knew we didn’t want to wait and potentially lose this house.  We told Dawn we wanted to make an offer, so she zipped off to her office to put together the paperwork, and Dan and I went home to eat something and be nervous.  We met up with Dawn at the Starbucks where we first met her, and we signed lots of papers again.  We found out that there was another viewing that same night after us, and they were interested in placing an offer.  Ugh.  We didn’t want to be in another multiple offer situation, but we were early enough to the game that we could lock them out if we moved quickly, or maybe scare them away.  There were also one or two more viewings scheduled for the next day, and we certainly didn’t want to wait for them to see it and want to place an offer too.  Dawn found out that the seller has a young baby and wasn’t really interested in reviewing offers that night, but Dawn pushed them a bit and we were able to present offers that night.  The other potential offer people seemed like they were on the fence, and before we even finished filling out the offer paperwork, they had mostly withdrawn.  Eeeee!  We prepared two offers, just to be safe – one for a multiple situation, coming in over asking at $240,000, and one for just a standard offer, at $235,000.  Dawn went to go meet them and present whichever offer was more appropriate.  We soon heard that the other people were completely out, and then we waited for the seller to review our offer.  We came in only slightly below asking because we wanted to show her we were serious about it, and not low-ball her and make her instantly regret her decision to open up for offers that night, instead of waiting for a multiple offer situation the next day.  She took our $235,000 offer on the first try, no back and forth negotiating!

Now we’re in a waiting place again, but at least all other offers and interest in the house are locked out, and we have until Thursday May 16 to confirm our financing and have a home inspection done.  We sent the offer and listing paperwork to our broker that night, and the next day he told us I need to send a more recent employment letter.  I requested one from HR in February when we were getting pre-approved and when we were starting to look, but I guess mortgage lenders don’t trust that I would still be in the same job 3 months later.  I sent a quick email to HR on Thursday night, and I was really hoping they wouldn’t bump my request to the bottom of the Friday pile of priorities.  I check my email about 5 times on Friday, and good ol’ Wendy in HR came through and sent me the updated letter by 3pm.  We’re back to sitting and waiting patiently, and we most likely won’t have anything back from our broker before Monday.  As soon as financing is confirmed, we’ll book our home inspection and hope nothing major comes up.

It’s hard not to get super excited when we’re so close, but we’re already talking about what we would do with the space.  The price leaves us with a nice cushion for doing some updates and renos (bathroom is first on the chopping block), but I think we’ll wait until it’s official before sharing our plans for that.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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