Minor modifications to our current office space

The countdown is on for the last few months at our rental place.  Dan cannot wait to leave, and the little things that Dan experiences full-time when he’s at home all day are starting to wear on me too.  Despite not wanting to invest any money or time into our current place since we’re planning to leave, we made a slight change to our office a few weeks ago.

When we first moved in together, we had grand ideas about a shared office space, specifically using my large desk as workspace for both of us.  It was a good idea at first, we didn’t have any trouble with the sharing part, but eventually it became clear that Dan uses his computer space more than I do.

Perfect example, Dan hard at work killing monsters, my laptop folded up and sitting quietly by itself. This picture is from our first place, where we had a whole vision in mind for the shared desk in the office idea.

When we moved into our current place, we set up the desk the same way:

After a little more than a year in our current place, the shared desk idea was getting old, and we made a trip to everyone’s favourite cheap build-it-yourself furniture store for an upgrade.  I spotted my new desk in the Ikea catalogue and built my whole vision for my workspace around its feminine and pretty details:

The flowers and the three square glass containers came from a wedding I catered the night before (thanks Cheryl and Jason for generously giving away your centrepieces!).

I hate the yellow office chair, I’m currently looking for a chair to replace it, but there’s no real rush.

Dan’s space and mine, together, but separate.  We have a lot more room in the office now – you’ll notice the corner of Oscar’s dog bed, where he can sprawl out on the floor between us.  We’re hoping that two separate desk areas will translate well into our next place, but now we’re into the annoying game of not making any major decisions about what we’ll have/not have at the next place because it doesn’t exist for us yet.  This will have to do for now to satisfy my decorating bug.


About joeyandjanice

Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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