Preparing our list of desires.

A common theme in a lot of the things we have read is that it is really helpful to have a realistic list of must haves, nice to haves and absolutely nots, when searching for your dream home.

Victoria and I had a little meeting of the brain trust and came up with the following.

Must have list:

  • 1 bathroom +
  • 2 bedrooms +
  • Single detached house (I’ve lived with wafer thin shared walls for TOO long)
  • Non-heavy smoking house
  • Driveway for 2 cars or garage and driveway for one
  • Appliances included – not a Japanese robot fridge, a real normal fridge for real people
I didn’t know they made fridges smaller than apartment sized, ours is though.
  • Flooring potential – if carpet, could easily be swapped out
  • Kitchen with lots of cupboard space and counter space (or the potential for it)
This is the sum total of our rental’s counter space.
  • Separate dining room, or eat-in large enough for a table for 6
  • Living room large enough for more furniture and more people
  • Yard
  • Newer roof or one in good condition
  • Windows in good condition, they can be old and wooden, but not falling apart
  • LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. We are currently in one of Cambridge’s less than stellar neighbourhoods. We would love to be somewhere, where people trimmed their mullets and controlled the volume of their music and pets.
  • NO barking dogs. One of the main reasons we are moving so quickly is that the neighbour’s dog is driving me bananas. It barks ALL the time and she refuses to do anything. Normal dog barking is fine, but excessive will lead to me turning down a home.
Absolutely not list:
  • No structural issues – foundation, water damage, roof needs serious repair, etc
  • Major plumbing issues
  • Major wiring problems
  • Basically, we don’t want to tear down anything unless it’s strictly cosmetic
Nice to have list:
  • Shed in the backyard
  • Dishwasher, or potential space for dishwasher
  • Hose access on house exterior
  • Fenced backyard
Willing to DIY list:
  • Kitchen reno  – cabinets, counter tops, hardware, flooring
  • We will put up with used appliances until we can afford to buy what we want
  • Bathroom update – flooring, walls, hardware, toilet, tub
  • Flooring throughout house – refinishing, tearing up carpet, etc
  • Insulation – attic and basement, not interested in tearing down drywall
  • Landscaping
  • Redecorating – tearing down wallpaper, painting, etc
So, gentle readers. This is sort of the dream journal of our impending house hunt. What features would be MUST HAVE for you? What would you be willing to change? Let us know in the comment section.

About joeyandjanice

Two crazy kids trying to make sense of the jumble surrounding making the jump from renting to owning our first home. Join us here as we stumble towards the biggest purchase of our lives.
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One Response to Preparing our list of desires.

  1. kelly says:

    Here are the things you can’t change, lot, location, layout
    The things to look past, colour ,condition, cleanliness
    I think I know an amazing up and coming agent to help you,!!!

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